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to eulogize the youngest victim. >> he was proud to represent his family, the state of utah and the united states of america. >> reporter: local residents showed support outside ft. hood, doctors said many soldiers wounded in the shootings thursday have gone home and almost all are out of intensive care now. but some will face life-long challenges. >> there's a possibility that some of these patients will be physically impaired for the rest of their life and there's no doubt that many of them will be psychologically impaired for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: investigators piecing together the crime seen say they have no reason to believe the alleged gunman, army major nidal malik hasan had any accomplices. >> all evidence at this point indicates the suspect allegedly acted alone. a in the actual shootings. >> reporter: investigators say they have no evidence that friendly fire from soldiers or police hit any of the victims. hasan is being treated away from ft. hood. >> the suspect major hasan remains hospitalized in san antonio. we understand he remains in icu as no longer on a ven
by authorities there, would they have trouble re-entering the united states? >> you know, that's a danger. here's an even bigger danger. if they do come back and her daughter's convicted, would they be disallowed visitation and entering into italy. >> at one point you had thought about coming here for the end of the trial -- going to italy, i'm sorry, for the end of the trial and decided against it. why is that? >> because i guess i'm a lawyer and can't practice law if i'm in italy or i'm in jail or indicted for a felony. you know, the threat is real. we can speak out here. we take that for granted that we can do that in this system, including lawyers and parties. but look what just happened in italy. >> but do you believe you yourself would be charged if you went over there for something? >> well, i can't take the chance. i've said the same thing that the parents have said, they've been investigated for and maybe charged which is that amanda was abused during the interrogation. they said that's defamation, criminal libel in italy. >> i know that you and amanda's family are hoping for the best
a pocket. this case you cited in the united states, resistant to the antiviral drugs. what the cdc is saying, a couple of clusters of, we're watching it, but in no way are we suddenly watching this crazy mutated virus that's sweeping the world. just two pockets we're keeping our eyes on. >> distribution not up to what the cdc would hope, but 54 million doses shipped as of this week. numbers aren't that great yet. >> no, it's been a pokey, slow process for getting this vaccine out. nowhere near the numbers we want. nonetheless, about 10 million new viral -- or vaccine doses available every week. what you really have to do is just keep on the phone lines, go to google, go to the and see where there is vaccine near you. here's what people have to remember though. still get your h1n1 when you can, when it comes near you, and then get ready, because the seasonal flu hasn't hit yet. that's going to be later this fall. >> don't forget to get that shot. >> that is available everywhere. >> right now this vaccine is still being directed at those most vulnerable. high-risk. someone li
the united states. you know, it's a terrible epidemic. we know that kids are getting sick and parents are getting frustrated but we're working our way through this problem. >> is there anything predictable about the spread of the flu? is it following the pattern when we talked about this back in april? >> we did. yes indeed. we thought that itould be widespread. that it would be widespread by about now. we thought that actually it would be widespread before vaccine was commonly available. and so one of our chief jobs has been to make sure the business of t country continues and other things go on even while we're in the midst of this epidemic. >> you mentioned the government released a stockpile of pediatric tamiflu. i want to ask you about some of the things that are going on on the internet. tamiflu, things being marketed as tamiflu, false cures, shampoos, is the government doing anything to crackdown on these sort of scams out there? >> absolutely. the fda is all over that on these tamiflu scams. these vaccine scams. we ask people to go to to get accurate information. i'm s
to the united states. central government there is not -- having a central government in afghanistan is not going to feed al qaeda or stabilize pakistan which should be our two goals. >> you spent a lot of time in afghanistan on the ground. your resignation sent shock waves right up to the white house. you resigned in a very public manner. your letter read by readers of the "washington post." why did you choose to go about it this way and not to continue to work within the administration to affect change? >> i hit a point in my conscience where i felt it was senseless what was happening. our troops were fighting against people who were fighting us because we're occupying them. and like i said earlier, what we're doing there doesn't obtain any strategic values or goals for the united states. >> you jump right in on me because i'm paraphrasing and don't want to put words in your mouth, but suffice it to say that you think the u.s. is still fighting in afghanistan and looking at the situation there through the lens of 9/11. and you say the people we're fighting there, the insurgents, do not see it t
facilities. the united states meantim is urging iran to engage with the international community instead of engaging in military exercises. >>> officials in china are trying to find out what caused a coal mine explosion over the weekend. at least 104 people are confirmed dead. others are missing. and grieving families are demanding answers. >>> officials say a small amount of radiation was detected at pennsylvania's three mile island over the weekend. the nuclear regulatory commission is investigating and says there was no danger to the public. three mile island was the site of a partial meltdown, as you may remember, in 1979. >>> controversy between rhode island congressman patrick kennedy and the catholic church. on sunday, the rhode island bishop confirmed that he asked kennedy not to receive holy communion two years ago because of the congressman's support for abortion rights. >>> overseas markets are higher this morning. so is the price of oil. cnbc's melissa francis at the new york stock exchange. melissa, good morning. what should we be watching today? >> oil has been moving highe
of both china and the united states. >> reporter: on the economy, just a passing reference to america's $800 billion debt to the chinese. >> china's partnership has proved critical in our effort to pull ourselves out of the worst recession in generations. >> reporter: the president called on china to use its economic perch to play a more significant role on the international stage, particularly on north korea and iran. >> -- the growing economy's joined by growing responsibilities. >> reporter: on human rights, no real progress, but simply getting the chinese president to acknowledge u.s. concerns was seen by the white house as a big step. later, a visibly cold president obama wrapped up his second day in china playing tourist at beijing's forbidden city. >> beautiful. spectacular. >> reporter: now, on iran, ann, it looks like the obama administration is very pessimistic that anything's going to be done. a showdown at the united nations appears to be looming possibly by the end of the year. >> all right. nbc's chuck todd this morning. chuck, thanks. and a programming note -- chuck wil
on the senate now to act. >> now it falls on the united states senate to take the baton and bring this effort to the finish line on behalf of the american people. >> reporter: while the trillion dollar price tag was the toughest sell for democratic moderates in the house, it is the inclusion of the public option that could be the biggest sticking point in the senate. >> if the public option plan is in there, as a matter of conscien conscience, i will not allow this bill to come to a final vote. >> reporter: the senate bill is going to look dramatically different, not just on the issue of public option but on cost. it could end up being $200 billion to $300 billion less. whatever it is, the president wants a bill to sign before christmas, but i'll tell you, matt, that deadline seems more elusive every day. >> chuck todd, thank you very much. >>> now to that tragic shooting rampage at ft. hood. investigators are now looking into weather the alleged gunman and army psychiatrist could have crossed paths with two of the the 9/11 hijackers. nbc's janet schamlian has the latest. janet, good morning
certify any of these drop-side cribs for sale in the united states. does the commission have the power to ban the sale of these cribs? and if soouldou conder doing so, considering that millions of these cribs have been recalled over the past two years? >> well, the commission will write regulations in the next few months, and we will look at this issue about drop sides, but i do not think that drop sides, if it's not going to be certified by the industry, will be a part of cribs in the future. they have been shown to not be reliable. and over time, when the parent raises the side up and down, they're becoming detached from the cribs. so, i think in the future, you will not see cribs with drop sides. >> are you saying, then, that in the future you will ban them? >> well, we're in the process of rulemaking, and we will take a hard look at this, but i think in the future, these drop sides will be banned. >> also, my understanding is that there's no requirement that cribs in general be tested before they are manufactured. should there be requirements? >> there should be requirements in ter
chinese government censorship. >> and i have a lot of critics in the united states who can say all kinds of things about me. i actually think that that makes our democracy stronger and it makes me a better leader. >> reporter: despite that prodding on openness, it is unclear how many in china saw the president. chinese state tv only aired edited clips, and at one popular shanghai internet cafe it was video games and movies. nobody tuned in to the president. several questions seemed scripted. this one on america's military support of taiwan, a thorn in u.s.-china relations, received applause. >> we'd like to know your position on this question. thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: in a lighter moment, a student asked the president for advice on how to win a nobel peace prize. >> i don't know if there is a curriculum or course of study that leads you to win the nobel peace prize. >> all right, chuck todd, looks like we've lost our signal from shanghai. hopefully we'll have more reporting from him later this morning. >>> moving on this other news this morning, with the u.s. now calling on
children in the united states have died from swine flu since it first surfaced last april, including 19 who died just last week. >>> today president obama meets with his economic advisory board to talk about new ways to create jobs. new unemployment numbers come out on friday. >>> the president appeared at two rallies on sunday for new jersey's incumbent governor jon corzine who is locked in a tight race with a former federal prosecutor. >>> michael jackson's "this is it" took over the top spot ot the backs office. "paranormal activity" second, and "law abiding citizen" was third. >>> a russian dare devil attempted a base jump off of a 26-story building on sunday in pakistan but it did not go very well. he leapt off the building and a strong crosswind caused his parachute to yank him sideways and was left dangling. he was pulled to safety and was not injured. >>> four minutes past the hour. >> that had to hurt. >> check of the weather now. >> we got some more marathon runners here. just so fantastic you guys did this. other folks over here, very nice. let's check your weather, see what's go
of the united states senate. on the issue of iran, both presidents express disappointment that iran hasn't taken the deal that's on the table when it comes to what to do with their own nuclear fuel. and president obama said time was running out. the two apparently behind the scenes did talk about what sanctions against iran might look like and finally on the issue of climate change, the leaders from the copenhagen summit take police station next summer, briefed these asian pacific leaders and admitted in public that nothing concrete is going to come out of that copenhagen climate summit. at best they'll agree to talk about having an actual agreement sometime in 2010. melissa? >> all right. chuck todd, thank you. >>> the president is urging congress to hold off on any hearing into the ft. hood shooting until after a federal law enforcement have completed their investigation. this comes as 6 of 13 victims were laid to rest on saturday including a funeral held in california. in wisconsin, family and friends of staff sergeant amy krueger filled a gym naz yum to pay their respects. >>> a place cooker
outside of the united states. they've expanded their works to include "today's" beauty editor, miss bobbi brown. good morning, ladies. lauren, you've been traveling the world, you and world food program. you really became inspired. tell us about this program. >> so, yes, this is the initial bag. it stemmed from a very simple idea to feed a child in school and give consumers a way to give back in a measurable, meaningful way. this bag actually feeds a child in school for a year. started with this bag and a very simple idea that we all need to do our part to feed children. >> 400 million children which is an astonishing number. these kids are going hungry all around the world. does that amaze you, that fact? >> it does. every time i go on a trip and see it firsthand, it's really amazing. but the great thing that the world program is doing is feeding kids in school. that's one of the main programs we really try to help and actually it is a way to get kids to go to school, as well as give them the daily nutrition they need. >> education and feed their minds and their tummys. >> yes. ellen, of
than they bargained for. face to face with the president of the united states and close enough to shake his hand. >> mr. and mrs. salahi. >> reporter: that's how far michaele and tareq salahi got when they showed up for president obama's first state dinner at the white house tuesday night. >> cheers. >> reporter: nz has learned that secret service investigators interviewed the couple friday about the incident. and in a statement, director mark sullivan said the secret service was deeply concerned and embarrassed. the agency provided new details about the lapse in security. the couple was allowed to pass through the first checkpoint, though their names weren't on the guest list. the uniformed office they're let them pass thought they would be verified at the next check point, but that never happened. once in the white house, the couple posed for photos with washington's elite and posted them on their facebook page, where they say they were honored to have been invited to the event. their attorney, paul gardner, told nbc news, they didn't crash the party, saying, quote, my clients were cl
right now? are those 60 votes there? >> well, this is a stark moment for the united states senate. we haven't had major health care reform for many, many years. i think we'll have the 60 votes this evening to proceed. as has been said, this is the start of the debate, not the end of the debate. it's critically important we get the cost of health care down and provide affordable options for all americans. this is a consumer bill. it helps consumers keep their insurance and protect themselves against arbitrary practices of private insurance companies. >> senator, if you get 60 votes, is it a slam dunk for 60 votes of the passage of the actual bill? >> not at pulp there will be an amendment process, an open process. it's too early to predict what happens at the end of the day, but i am optimistic at the end of the year the united states will have health care reform. >> senator gregg, it looks like no republicans will vote for this. why not? it's just a vote right now to open debate, not a vote on health care. or do you see it as such? >> no. this is shooting with real bullets. up until n
save. this was crazy when i found this out. 50% of the water in the united states goes to create electricity, 50% of the water that we withdraw from our lakes, our rivers, streams, underground water sources, go to electricity. >> we need water for other things, obviously. the world needs water. >> we're in a water crisis right now. >> so, what does that tell us? >> that tells us we have to start doing little things that will save a lot. so, really when you're doing one simple thing, you're saving a lot more resources than sometimes you give yourself credit for. >> i'm going to make you prove that. for example, a lot of us are now trying to carry the canvas bags or whatever they're made of, instead of using the plastic. i think a lot of people are wondering what good does this really do. >> you save a tankful of gas every year just by taking that canvas bag, because you're saving the energy to produce the plastic bag as well as the paper bag, saving trees, obviously, you're saving a lot of resources, and at the same time, you're saving the earth along with that. >> here's a really
will be wearing during the competition, lisa baird is chief marketing officer for the united states olympic committee. lisa, good morning. >> good morning, al. how are you? >> all right. and we have got people chanting "go, usa." we love this. what are the trends we'll be looking at this winter? >> well, we're going to be looking at a classic american palette, red, white and blue. the nike outfits are stressing performance. they've got to perform really under any condition. >> let's get started. this is the medal stand look. we hope to see this a lot in february. and showing off our look, short track speed kaser j.r. cheleski and gretchen bleiler. good to see you again. tell us about this look. it's fantastic. >> for the men, the hat, it's all about warmth, it's all about coort. >> are you warm? >> very warm. surprisingly. >> and wh gretchen, you've got a cat with a slightlyifferent cut. it's about being sporty and also looking great. >> will this hat stay on when you're snowboarding? >> only on the podium, al. there you go. >> only on the podium. >> and what about these tops here? >> these
of the united states military veterans and their families, and that's not the end, because who weeks from tomorrow, just before thanksgiving, they will also again be rocking our plaza, because they are, of course, our artists in residence. >> yes, they are. >> you know, they're the first ones. you know, all kinds -- i'm hoping we get artists, you know, other, painters -- >> right. >> so much fun. i'm ann curry with hoda kotb and also amy robach because natalie's on assignment and al's also going to be joining us in a couple minutes. >>> coming up this half hour, we're talking about carrie prejean, the beauty queen who sparked controversy when she spoke out against gay marriage and eventually lost her miss california crown. now she's responding to a new controversy. we'll hear what she has to says. >> an interesting conversation. >>> also, giada de laurentiis is here are w some interesting things, kids that like to cook or kids that just like to eat. that's our producer's baby boy. he'll be helping. >> love his face. >> a look of anticipation because he's going to get some cake. >> ooh! >>
you thought about running for president of the united states in 2012? >> that is -- >> have you just thought about it? >> it's not on my radar screen right now. >> reporter: she is certainly the most exciting player on the republican stage. >> thank you, guys! thank you. >> reporter: but in a new "washington post"/abc news poll, 60% of those questioned said she's not qualified to be president. and now, former mccain aides are questioning whether palin is also "going rogue" with the facts in her memoir. in it, she says she ran for governor mostly on small donations, but according to the "associated press," more than half her war chest came from donors giving more than $500. in "going rogue," palin says the mccain campaign billed her $50,000 for legal fees to vet her for the vice presidency. but now john mccain himself says that bill was from her own lawyer to clear up ethics charges involving state troopers. former mccain aides also say palin fabricated claims that they pushed her into risky network interviews like the one with katie couric. >> there's the perky one, again, with the m
, especially in the united states, to say how do we from the top to the bottom help alleviate your stress? and we do a very poor job of that. >> we have questions to get to. diane is on the telephone. what's your question? >> caller: good morning, ann and dr. snyderman. >> hey, ann. >> caller: i'm a 55-year-old mother and grandmother with a busy life. i have struggled with weight even though i seem to follow the programs and work out. i read that stress can play an important part in weight loss and can be a determining factor in failing to lose weight. is this true? >> mm-hmm. >> well, it is true, diane, and it goes to that point of when you are stressed, those stress chemicals are really very primordial. they take us back to the serengeti when we had the outrun of a wild animal. but what we do now is we really go from the computer to the printer, to pick our kids up at school and we're caught in traffic, but it's the same primo primordial stressors, but what we reach for now are very high-processed, not great for us foods. and that leads to the stress. the best thing i would do, diane, i
, very difficult because the united states is coming at it from a position of weakness, because of how much debt the chinese hold, and they are knowing that they're in that position, not really willing to cooperate on issues like iran or north korea or even climate change, and they think that they're in a much different position in the united states. so, the administration will make the argument that they're still trying to change the tone, trying to lay the foundation for some gains that they'll make down the line. it makes it more difficult, though, in terms of winning the perception battle of these trips. >> all right, david. very quickly, who have you got coming up on "meet the press" this sunday? >> well, we're going to be on the health care debate and the war and other big issues like the economy facing the administration, and we'll have a senator showdown. we've got senators feinstein, durbin, hutchison and lieberman on the future of the agenda. >> always like a showdown. thanks very much, david. >> thanks. >> it's 7:13, and now here's matt. >> meredith, thank you. >>> now to ne
. >> the human space flight program that united states is currently pursuing is one that is on an unsustainable trajectory. >> reporter: the president has jed yet to decide whether to ask congress for more money and continue with the ares i on a return lunar mission, but for many space enthusiasts finding water has only whet the appetite for a return trip to the moon. for "today," tom costello, nbc news, washington. >>> it's 12 minutes past the hour. time for a check of the headlines now. >> for that we'll go to cnbc's melissa francis at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning, amy. good morning, lester. good morning, everyone. >>> we begin overseas where probe continues a four-nation tour across asia. the president just arrived in singapore today, and nbc's mike viqueira is live at the white house with more. mike, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, melissa. the president is two days into the eight-day trip around the pacific rim and he's calling himself the first pacific president owing to his birth in hawaii and the many years he spent in indonesia with his mother. he kicked off th
.s. personnel 30 years ago and to vent their hatred towards the united states and israel. but in an ironic twist, other movements staged a rally across tehran and the scene turned ugly quickly when thousands of iranian security forces who were assembled on the street to prevent opposition rallies and rein in political dissent, fired shots and tear gas at the crowd as well as beating protestors with batons. there are still some bursts of violence going on in the streets as we speak. >> all right. this is ali arouzi in tehran. thank you so much for yr reporting this morning, ali. >>> and also in iran, an earthquake this morning in the southern part of the country injured more than 700 people. it was a magnitude 4.9 and it sent people running into the streets. >>> meantime, israel seized a ship during the night that officials say was carrying missiles and other weapons from iran to hezbollah guerrillas in lebanon. >>> in ohio, police found four more bodies tuesday at the home of a convicted rapist, bringing the number so far to ten, at least six of them women. anthony solo is facing murder and kidn
the constitution of the united states? >> and finally, very quickly, finally, the two weapons he had were not military-issued. how did he get them on the base, to begin with, and what precautions is the military taking going forward around the globe? >> well, you know, as a member of the military, he would have had the proper identification and passes to get on the base without having his vehicles inspected by military or civilian police. so, that would have been easy enough. and to the point you were asking general mccaffrey about just a moment ago, meredith -- while, you know, there are systems in place for the military to sort of check and weed out those problem soldiers before they get into the battlefield, at the same time -- and i think general mccaffrey would agree -- there is tremendous pressure on these military commanders to keep as many soldiers in their unit as possible to go face the wars in iraq and afghanistan. >> all right, mik, general mccaffrey, thank you both. it is 7:14. for more, here's matt. >> meredith, thank you. ft. hood is the army's largest u.s. post with about
. it annie, sweet annie, god love her, birthday. and united states marine corps. we didn't mention that. anyway, you're unbelievable. that museum is unreal. one of the greatest shows in washington. happy birthday from smucker's. oh, boy, every morning -- i bought a new jar of smucker's, strawberry. i don't know about the preserves -- put it on a bagel -- not a bagel, an english muffin. anna weisen berger from carmel, indiana, 103 years old. fourth time she's tried to get on the show. we've got to get a staff that knows what's going on around here. live, independent lady, keeps up with all of her gardening and growing delicious beefstake tomatoes, or tomatoes. barney -- good old barney tarnoff of sunrise, florida, is 100 years old. lived in staten island, new york, when it was nothing but a bare piece of land. they farmed it. paints beautiful pictures. his family is crazy about him. fannie silverstein, new york, new york. 100. lives on her own, attributes her longevity to a positive attitude in the morning and a little scotch in the evening. that gives you the positive attitude in the mo
who serve in our army, and their families, we extend our condolences to the united states army and their families. but it's a great army, a strong army, a resilient army, and we stand with them as they go through this difficult time. >> and we're looking at the bow of the "uss new york"" behind you and i understand that 7 1/2 tons of steel from the world trade center was put in the bow of the ship. why is that an especially significantly part of the ship, both structurally and symbolically? >> well, structurally, lest teshgs bow, or the stem, as we call it, is what will lead this ship for the four decades that it's going to serve the navy. it's the strongest part of the ship as it breaks through the seas around the world carrying this ship on its many different missions that it will perform. but it also ties this ship and ties the crew and the many sailors that will serve on this ship over the years to the city, to the strength of the city to the tenacity of the city, to the courage of the city. and that bond will never be broken. and we're proud to welcome new york into the fl
as an unfinished and unsigned free trade agreement between south korea and the united states. >> all right. chuck todd, thank you very much. it's 7:10 and now here's matt. >> meredith, thank you. >>> sarah palin launches her book tour today amidst a lot of dust that she herself is kicking up, including a new comment on the tragic shooting at ft. hood that she says will get her "clobbered." nbc's andrea mitchell is in grand rapids, michigan, with more on this. andrea, good morning to you. >> reporter: well, good morning, matt. even hours before sarah palin gets here to this mall just outside of grand rapids, some people, as many as 1,500 people, matt, have been camped here overnight just for a chance to get in line to get a wristband to come back later to get a chance to meet her. as the books went on sale in her home state of alaska and stores around the country -- >> i'm going to go home and crawl inside my bed with my electric blanket turned high and lay there and read until i'm done. >> reporter: the kickoff of the "going rogue" book tour is as carefully organized as a military campaign. >> i'
of money. and i think we've done that in the united states. more importantly, i don't know whether or not i'll be alive to become an >> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. let's get a final check of the morning commute with sarah caldwell. >> we are still dealing with heavy delays around the area. the west side is down to nine miles per hour on the outer loop. that began some greenspring down to edmondson. preston and maryland, closed through the weekend. delays on the southbound j.f.x. from among the beltway to northern parkway. 11 miles per hour on southbound 95 out of white marsh. east down 100 and anne arundel mills, and in anne arundel county, another one. here's a look at drive times. 35 in this is what we a down to on the west side outer loop. not too bad on southbound 95 heading towards the b-2 and howard county. -- towards 32 at howard county. we'll switch to a live view of white marsh where things are looking a little bit better. hopefully town has some good news. >> the weather is nice and quiet on this morning. t
heart disease is so prevalent in the united states and around the world? what is it? >> poor life style choices. melanie had a congenital heart problems. >> nothing she did ctributed to that. >> right. but most coronary heart disease, the kind that we're most familiar with with the plaque build up and hardening of the arteries is really due to being overweight and not getting physical activity and smoking. >> and smoking, huge one, right. >> a lot of people thought there was a genetic component to it. my father died at age 50 something and i'm worry that the same thing will happen to me. >> hoda, you're right. you can be born with a predisposition to developing heart disease but the good news is you can offset that by making healthy lifestyle choices. >> we just found out recently if you cut out 100 calories a day every day for a year, you would lose ten pounds. that's something anybody can do. >> i love what you just said because i try to emphasize that to my patients. it's small changes applied consistently that add up to living healthy. >> take stairs instead of the elevator or escal
. this is a scheduled three approved drug and medicinal use and the united states distribute medical marijuana to certain patients. it doest belong in schedule one. >> we should continue the debate, it's terrific. thank you, both, very much. >>> coming up, what's happening. >> the boys are back in town. >> our all guy panel and you'll meet our newest guy. >>> on today's relationships, they're back again. our all-male panel of guys are here to tell all and give women questions to their probing questions. curtis stone cannot be with us oday, he has a big thing going on, but our other favorites are here. >> rick young, dad of a baby boy, comedian, the very funny chuck nice who can be see on "world's dumbest." he has been married for 12 years. andrew is married with a 1-year-old son and, finally, our contest winner steve haverly, full-time single day from tacoma, washington. >> welcome, welcome, welcome. >> steve, no pressure on you today. >> do you feel good? >> i feel good. >> let's listen to our first lady. >> hi, my name is molly and i'm from cincinnati, ohio. my question for the panel is why
, not just large amounts of money. and i think we've done that in the united states. more importantly, i don't know whether or not i'll be alive to become an adviser, but more >>> washington, d.c. on a thursday morning. 42 chilly degrees right now. we will check the weather and take a look at traffic. we have a mess in montgomery county. i'm barbara harrison. the time, 8:26. >>> in the news at this hour, montgomery county commuters prepare for another rough day on the rhodes. engineers are still working to fix the computer glitch that messed up the timing of hundreds of traffic lights making yesterday's morning and evening rush hours an utter nightmare. the county will offer free bus service all day on the ride-on system. we will come back and take a look at the forecast >>> what's going on the with weather? >>> we had a lot of sunshine. clouds building in. highs, upper 50s. clearing out with a blustery wind. a bit milder over the weekend saturday and sunday. how is the traffic. >>> interstates around town, 270, heavy but steady from gaithersburg on down to the split. in virginia, a little r
it would build another 900 housing units in east jerusalem, which palestinians claim as the capital of any future state. >>> for the second time this year, pirates have attacked the "maersk alabama" today. it happened again off the coast of somalia, but a security detail aboard the ship fired at the pirates and stopped them from taking over the ship. last april, pirates hijacked the ship and held the captain, richard phillips, hostage for five days until he was rescued by navy s.e.a.l. sharp-shooters. >>> the fd sank warning people who take the blood-thinner plavix not to combine it with prilosec and nexium. the agency says the combination could reduce the effectiveness of plavix, used to reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke. >>> the latest tests from the insurance institute for highway safety put ford and the volvo unit as well as subaru and volkswagen at the head of the pack for 2010 model cars. best of class were the ford taurus, volvo c-30 and legend and the vw jetta. >>> look for higher airfares in 2010. delta, northwest and united are bumping up their surcharges to at least $3
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